Sackville Crossing Consultation – EGCF Response

East Grinstead Cycle Forum Members have looked at the scheme drawings and are very much in support of the proposed Toucan crossings on the A22 at Sackville school, but we have a few concerns in the detail. For Woodbury Ave residents walking to and from town, a controlled- crossing here will also be a great improvement. But our comments are mainly on the school cycling opportunity afforded by the crossing.

This should be the start of better cycling  provision to and from Sackville School and kick off a real modal shift from being driven by car, to cycling to school.  We ask if the tactile paving approaching the crossing (in red) is correct to permit cycling across the controlled crossing? On the south side of the A22 there looks to be a shared footway & cycleway east to Herontye Drive presumably also providing connectivity with NCN21, Forest Way.  But on the south side of the A22 Lewes Road going west towards the town centre there appears to be no provision for shared space for cycling along the existing footway towards Fairfield Road and the town centre. Do you think there is space to widen the footway to create a shared space? A short length of shared cycleway and footway exists from the northern end of NCN21 to just west of Fairfield Road and we  ask if this can be connected to this development?  If  this pavement connectivity is not provided there is likely to be dispute about cycling on this pavement or cyclists continuing to use the underpass or worse no increase in take-up of cycling. 

We suggest that the TTS scheme is peer reviewed by sustainable transport specialist engineers such as Phil Jones Associates, PJA.  The whole area could be looked by specialist engineers at if that hasn’t been done. Phil Jones spoke at the 2017 WSCC Cycle Summit and was a contributor to ITN195/16. Interim Advice Note Cycle Traffic and the Strategic Road Network.

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