Our response to WSCC regarding the A22 Pop-up Cycle Lane Proposals

Emergency Active travel Fund – WSCC Tranche 2 bid

The Forum is very pleased to see the proposals come forward under  EATF TWe have discussed the proposals and wish to make the following comments on the A22 proposals before your deadline of midday 31st July.:-
1, Firstly we wanted to say how pleased we are to see proposals coming forward now to create a safer environment for cyclists on the A22 in East Grinstead.  We also very much appreciate being offered the chance to comment. 
2. We are a bit confused about whether the measures are intended to be permanent or temporary.  The Press release of 26th June stated that the A22 works would be permanent, but it now appears from the plans that at least some, if not all of the proposed works are to be temporary.  It seems to us important that there is an agreed, shared understanding on this point among the stakeholders. 
3. The new proposed cycle lane from Felbridge to East Grinstead service station looks very good with significant protection for cyclists. Unfortunately the road surface up to 1 metre from the kerb is really poor along much of this section, some resurfacing is needed before the road markings are put down. We also hope that safe provision has been made at the Imberhorne Lane junction for cyclists who need to turn right. 
4. The improvements to the existing cycle route from the Service Station to Engalee are welcomed and will improve the safety of this section. 
5. Our main concerns arise from the proposed works south of Englaee:  

We believe it is neither necessary nor desirable to remove the central pedestrian refuge at Windmill Lane.  We will not support investment in cycle infrastructure that disadvantages walkers.  We believe there is sufficient Highway land on both sides of the existing roadway for a solution to be found that benefits both cyclists and walkers.  

We would like to see more use of traffic wands on this section to make it clearer to motorists that the cycle lane is continuing to Lingfield Road. 

The cycle lane turns too far to the left at Lingfield Road roundabout when it terminates.  This, together with the traffic wands here,doesn’t allow cyclists to continue in safety along the A22 south if they wish.  

“Cyclists Dismount” signs are not popular with cyclists, and there is a high level of ignorance among road users as to whether these signs are advisory or mandatory, this can contribute to conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.  We appreciate the difficulty of continuing the route beyond Lingfield Road roundabout, at least until St Margarets Loop cutting can be opened up for cyclists.  However the proposed Lingfield Road route to the Town Centre, via Maypole Road,  contains two sections where cyclists will have to dismount for a significant distance, given this we fear it may not be well used or popular. 

the 2nd of these sections, namely the footbridge and steps down to the railway station, does not accommodate Covid 19 social distancing; until the bridge can be replaced we do not think that this should form part of a recommended cycle route to the Town Centre.  

Signage on London Road and Maypole Road should not refer to NCR 21 as it is not part of that route. 

Sent 31 July 2020

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