Our response to ESCC regarding: Emergency Active travel Fund – WSCC Tranche 2 bid

The Forum is very pleased to see the proposals come forward under  EATF Tranche 1 for the Felbridge to Lingfield Road cycle lanes along the A22.  However, the cycle routes from A22/Lingfield Road junction into the Town Centre remain undefined and unsafe for cyclists. We really hope that you can push within the County Council for some of the T2 funding to also be directed to East Grinstead, to build on the T1 investment,  and develop the “Station to Statue”  section of the route.  

We would also like to see safety improvements and a protected cycle route provided on the Lewes Road, between the McIndoe Statue and Sackville school.  We feel this should have high priority,  following  the accident here which resulted in the death of a cyclist earlier this year.  This would also build on the very successful provision of the Toucan crossing at Sackville school.

We realise the deadline of 7th August for the T2 bid leaves little time for consultation,  but we hope some more funding can be obtained to support safer cycling  in East Grinstead. 

Sent 2 August 2020

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