East Grinstead and district Cycle Forum Proposals for Tranche 1 COVID active travel fund

Permit cycling on Right of Way footpath 1e EG between Elizabeth Crescent and Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) (fix suitable cyclists give way notices). Establish and signpost the cycle route to QVH from town centre through East Court

· Permit cycling on Right of Way footpaths 1aEG and 1cEG between Moat Road and Hackenden Lane via Mount Noddy (fix suitable cyclists give way notices)

· Suspend all permitted parking in Railway Approach both on-street meters (east going) and outside shops (west going).

· Suspend all on-street car parking in London Road and High Street. Only allow loading and loading of commercial delivery vehicles, but continue to allow parking in perpendicular on street bays on High Street.

· Permit contraflow cycling on Church Lane (south bound).

· Permit contraflow cycling on Hermitage Lane (north bound).

· Close off the traffic lane between Beeching Way (west going) and Railway Approach (east going) and provide Pop-up ‘give way to pedestrians and cyclists’ crossing between Railway Approach and Station.

· Check and adjust all 20mph zone signs and enforce speeds within the existing town centre 20mph zone. Then extend 20 mph zone to cover the whole ” built up” area of EG, as defined in the Neighbourhod Plan, so it includes QVH, Sackville and Imberhorne Schools.

· Extend cycle lane in London Road (southbound) as far as Lingfield Rd roundabout .

· Permit cycling on pavement or by pop-up cycle lane from Sackville School to and from Ashurst Wood.

· Provide Pop-up cycle lane north bound on A22 between railway station and Park Road (with wands) and southbound, permit cycling on footway between Park Road and railway station (fix suitable cyclists give way to pedestrians notices).

· Provide pop up ‘give way to pedestrians warning triangles’ to permit crossing across the A22 fire station triangle between Aldi and Park Road (towards the station) and Aldi and the south side of London Rd (towards town centre) and vice versa.

· Improved Signage on Worth Way NCN 21 (West from East Grinstead) and Worth Way NCN 21 Forest Way (East from East Grinstead), reminding users of the pedestrian priority and the need for considerate cycling. With the greatly increased use of these routes the current discreet signage is insufficient, and the shared use rules need to be set out in much more visible signage.

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