Ashplats House, Holtye Road Planning Application

Planning Application 19/1613 is for 30 dwellings at Ashplats House, Holtye Road, the East Grinstead and district Cycle Forum have made the following response:

We have reviewed the Applicant’s Transport Statement and conclude that the site is not currently a good location for sustainable travel, in particular for cycling.  On Page 22 the Statement says “the surrounding highway network is considered suitable for in-carriage cycling in view of its low speed, suburban nature”.  This is not an accurate reflection of conditions on the A264 Holtye Road and Blackwell Hollow which currently provide the road/cycle links into East Grinstead; young or inexperienced cyclists would not feel safe on these roads so it will not lead to any modal shift away from the motor car.  The proposed development is in an “edge of town” location and most people will not be prepared to walk the 2 km plus distances to schools, town centre shops etc., so a safe cycle route along the A264 would be really beneficial.

The Bluebell Gate developer was required to make a substantial S106 contribution to sustainable transport facilities, and this applicant should be required to do the same.  It is  not adequate for the applicant simply to offer a Travel Plan that provides basic information to residents on local cycling facilities e.g. where to find the local bike shop.   

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