Aims of the Group

Attached is a document that lists the top issues within East Grinstead that we feel need to be tackled.

Issues highlighted in Green have been dealt with, issues highlighted in yellow represent the most urgent that the EGCF are currently campaigning for.

East Grinstead cycling issues

4 thoughts on “Aims of the Group”

  1. Indeed, but those aren’t aims they are “issues” and detail.
    The aims, in my view, would be something like providing a “platform” for cyclists to enable dialogue to take place with local councils, and councillors to make better provision for cycling and to consider cycling in planning, road improvements, construction and road networks.

    1. Good Point Michael. We are engaging Councils on Town and County level with these specific issues in order to create a dialogue. Once we are established within the Cycling committee being set up at the moment then long term aims such as you describe can be formalised.

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