4. Commission a cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

Enable a LCWIP study for East Grinstead town centre carried out by a suitable consultant 3. The consultant would employ LCWIP Cycling and Walking Tools to identify areas where remedial measures would bring improvements in cycling and walking safety and convenience. This will also address cycling routes to primary and both secondary schools and minimise conflicts between motorists and non-motorised users of the A22 road space.

The study would also recommend solutions to the following cycling connectivity issues:-

  • London Road northwards -connect the unfinished cycle way to the railway station and town centre;
  • Ramp at the Railway Station crossing the railway lines;
  • Town Centre to Imberhorne Upper School;
  • Provide cycle lanes on 20mph Lewes Road between Beeching Way and College Lane to connect with Sackville School and Forest Way NCN21;

Confusing cycle provision in Lewes Road (20mph zone)



  1. “Crack the LCWIP to support a life less sedentary”; Neil Taylor – a response to DoT Cycling and Walking Investment strategy. LCWIP Neil Taylor

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