Improved Cycling connectivity in East Grinstead Town Centre

Following our inaugral meeting we have suggested the following simple improvements to East Grinstead to enable cycling.

Enable Cycle Contraflow in the following one way streets:

To improve town centre connectivity to re-enable cycling in quiet streets.

Church Lane Cantalupe Road Hermitage Lane Middle Row (Broadleys to Hermitage Lane)

Extend 20mph Zone

Extend to include the entire length of Railway Approach The 20mph limit currently extends for only approx. 100 yards along Railway Approach. This creates an environment for motorists to speed up. If the 20mph zone is extended to incorporate the Railway Station this will create more of a feeling of priority for people walking or cycling and calm this street.

Also extend 20mph zone to co-ordinate improved cycling connectivity in:-

Firbank Way (to Sainsburys car park) already speed restricted by vertical speed humps Brooklands Way roundabout Ship Street (as far south as the CPZ start) West View (to Waitrose car parks) cul de sac Portland Road Hermitage Lane (as far south as The Rise) College Lane to Sandy lane (to including the Beeching Way bridge)

Change Cycling Priority at Brooklands Way Roundabout

Remove cycle lane markings on the perimeter of the roundabout. The roundabout at Railway Approach and Brooklands Way currently has a peripheral cycle lane. The Highways Agency Interim Advice Note 195/16 (Cycle Traffic and the Strategic Road Network) says: “On-carriageway cycle lanes shall not be provided on the perimeter of the circulatory carriageway, as they encourage cyclists to take up a nearside position where they are vulnerable to being hit by vehicles exiting the roundabout.”

Provide controlled pedestrian withy parallel cycle road crossing (across three lanes of traffic) to railway station forecourt (using the new combined marked route).

The new cycle route on the “shared space” footpath from the Station to Railway Approach, conflicts with the pedestrians all attempting to cross the very unsafe Brooklands Way in 3 stages. where traffic is accelerating away from the roundabout to the A22 and approaching the roundabout at dangerous speeds from the A22. Pedestrians must often wait extended lengths of time to cross safely or taking risks due to the lack of a safe crossing and the “motorway style” slip roads to and from the roundabout.

Due to this dangerous design as stated by the Highways Agency we suggest an urgent review. A similar solution to the Seven Dials roundabout in Brighton may be possible.

Remove Booklands Way controlled pedestrian crossing and replace with uncontrolled crossing. Add uncontrolled pedestrian crossing to Firbank Way and Railway Approach

Calm Railway Approach

Option A: either restrict west going (towards railway station) for buses, taxis and cycles only. Or Option B: as this road is wide enough to have a separate cycle track conforming to IAN 195/16 standards .This would involve the removal of several parking spaces along the road. There is sufficient nearby off street parking in Railway Approach King St Car Park, Chequer Mead Car Park & Vicarage Car Park.

Temporary Station Road cycle lane

Provide marked nearside cycle lane cycle lane from Bus terminus to Park Road on the near side of Station Road. This is seen as a temporary measure until St Margarets loop can be made into a multiuser path under London Road. This avoids the need to push bikes up the steps to cross the railway at the railway station towards Sustrans Worth Way and Imberhorne estate. It is seen as a temporary solution until the railway footbridge can be widened and improved.

Lewes Road between Beeching Way A22 Roundabout and College Lane Roundabout

At the eastern end of the missing Forest Way NCN Route 21 link at Lewes Road. Lewes Road is more than wide enough to provide a separate cycle tracks conforming to the IAN 195/16 standards.

Progress Interim cycle routes for wider town connectivity.

Commission a study using cycling specialists such as to carry out cycle route review, audit and advise on cycle network development in wider East Grinstead.

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