3. Promote Cycleway to and from Queen Victoria Hospital

Create a cycle way on the North-South road within East Court. Sign shared cycle route from Estcots Junction to Holtye Road and Blackwell Farm Road. Permit crossing Holtye Road towards Blackwell Farm Road using the central refuge.

Photo 1: An example of “Shared Use” signage

Create a shared use way from Elizabeth Crescent to Queen Victoria Hospital. How? Change definitive footpath 1b EG into a shared use way by means of the powers in the CycleTrack Act 1984. Implement by means of s106 monies available for projects complying with, “Sustainable transport schemes which will improve access between the development and local amenities (to include housing, jobs, shops, leisure and other services)”

Photo 2: Existing Public Footpath between Elizabeth Crescent and QVH

1 thought on “3. Promote Cycleway to and from Queen Victoria Hospital”

  1. Converting the footpath from Queen Elizabeth Crescent would give an ideal route on which to cycle to QVH. There is plenty of room to increase the width of this path so that there is a lane for cycling as well as walking. This would avoid having to cycle on the A264, which may well deter people from cycling to the hospital at all and also avoid the rather steep entrance to the hospital from this road. If those who could, would cycle to the hospital they would keep themselves healthier, have a quicker and easier journey and allow those who have to use the car because they are unable to walk or cycle, more space for parking it.

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