1. Railway Approach The Town Flagship Project

Several schemes to improve Railway Approach as the attractive and useful link between the town centre and railway station have been mooted. Small measures to minimise through traffic in Railway Approach derive from the notion of providing improved facilities for cycling.

Extend 20mph zone to the entire length of Railway Approach. Discourage through vehicle traffic movements except for residents and business users by signage only; hence no need for Road Traffic Order (RTO). Create a through route for buses and cyclists only. Reduce on-street parking. Liaise with local businesses to optimise parking opportunities. Provide cycling lanes in both directions.

Photo 1: Limit of existing 20mph zone in Railway Approach

Remove cycle perimeter lanes on Brooklands Way / Railway Approach roundabout. These cause conflict due to cyclists crossing in front of quite fast moving vehicles rather than sharing the road space at similar speeds. Increase the diameter of the roundabout along the lines of the Brighton 7 Dials solution or an alternative solution in accordance with IAN 195/16 1.

Photo 2: Seven Dials roundabout, Brighton where the effective diameter of the roundabout has been enlarged by blockwork

Include the roundabout and highway approaches in an extended 20mph zone. Remove the dedicated left turn lane from Beeching Way to Station Approach. The existing attractive planted roundabout would be unchanged by these proposals.

Make the shared cycle and footway east of Mid Sussex Timber back into footway only and make cycle provision compliant with recommendations of IAN195/16 1. Provide signalled controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing from Station to Railway Approach. Provide uncontrolled (Zebra) crossings for pedestrians on all the other highway approaches to the roundabout. The idea is shown on a marked-up copy of a West Sussex County Council street plan Copyright 100023447 (2017) provided for the purpose.

Brooklands_Way_Roundabout (Click link for marked-up street plan of Brooklands Way roundabout)

How to achieve this? Apply for Community Initiative Funding to obtain priority within WSCC Local Transport Investment Program.



3 thoughts on “1. Railway Approach The Town Flagship Project”

  1. Railway Approach is part of National Cycle Network route 21. For a national network it’s a disgrace. It’s also part of the Avenue Verte, the Paris-London international link. Like much of the route it’s a national embarrassment.

    Certainly the 20mph speed limit needs to be extended along its whole length, but any approach to benefit cycling needs to be a “bold” approach. Unless the proposed cycle lanes are protected ones, they will have little effect. Motorists blatantly ignore double yellow lines on this road and there isn’t a restriction on loading, so painted cycle lanes will be pointless. Even worse motorists will be annoyed at any cyclist who isn’t using them even though it might be impractical to do so.
    To me options seem limited
    1. Keep the road as it is, but make it obvious that cycles will have priority use.
    2. Revert the road back to one way for motor vehicles near London Road, whilst still making it obvious that cycles will be a priority.
    3. Build a dedicated cycleway, but definitely not a shared pavement so beloved of WSCC. That might be difficult along this road though.

    Motor vehicles need access along the road, so a ban can not/would not be implemented.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael. I agree with a lot of what you say. We feel the main intention of the proposal is to restrict through traffic on this road providing a more usable cycle route.

  2. Painted cycle lanes (TfL style) are not useful here, in fact our proposal is to remove the painted cycle lanes on the Brooklands Way roundabout. Walking between London Road and the railway station is difficult and dangerous too. Just take a look at the photo above depicting a forest of street furniture and road markings. There is even an unused bus stop!
    Successive changes by the highway authority, West Sussex County Council since the building of Beeching Way in the 1970s have degraded Railway Approach. There is no need to permit through traffic which should use the gyratory system. A scheme that allows buses, taxis, cycles and pedestrians is needed with co-ordinated parking for users of shops and businesses in Railway Approach.
    A local cycling and walking infrastructure plan produced by an independent highways planner is the way to unlock a vision for this neglected street. Then funding available for sustainable transport projects can be used to turn an ugly duckling into pride of place.

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